Goatstone, Web Development

Goatstone is primarily but not exclusively, Jose Collas. Here you will find a collection of some of our work. Goatstone is involved in web development, primary using the technologies: JavaScipt, CSS and HTML. To see code for various projects, please, go to the Goatstone Github account.

React versus Angular

For many years there was Backbone and jQuery to build the front end of web sites. Applications built with these web technologies needed more of a framework than what these libraries provided. Comparing existing frameworks has been an ongoing task for the modern web developer.

Following is a link to a comparison of React and Angular(NOT js).
Angular vs. React


AlphaCronke This example uses a really great library D3js (d3js.org). "AlphaCronke" is the latest work with this library. The application consists of text from the story, Dickory Cronke by Daniel Defoe and a widget that enables the user to select words by alphabetical range.

With this widget the user can highlight the selected words in the text. D3js is the only library used.

Ameb, a game


Ameb was an entry into the JS13kGames JavaScript competition. Ameb must eat food in order to accumulate health points and stay alive. JS13kGames JavaScript competition

The player of Ameb navigates the character, Ameb, to catch food.